The Chinese Peace Ark  hospital ship has reached Jamaica for 6 day visit along with over 100 medical volunteers to perform free surgery, CAT scans, eye care and other procedures as part of China's global humanitarian mission.
China has named this humanitarian visit as “Harmonious Mission,” to create is to soften the image of ever increasing powers of the People's Liberation Army (PLA).

The Chinese Peace Ark  hospital ship around 300 beds, 20 ICUs, 8 operating theatres for the patients and it is capable of accommodating over 40 major surgeries is a single a day.

The Lt. Cmdr. Chen Yong Peng of People's Liberation Army Navy (PLA Navy) is heading the Chinese medical teams helping the Jamaicans. He has said, “Our team of medical staff is doing all kinds of surgeries and operations, nearly everything except organ transplants.”
The People's Liberation Army Navy's 170 meters long, Type 920 Peace Ark hospital ship was constructed at the CSIC (Guangzhou Shipyard International Company Limited). Its hanger can support one Z-8 (Chinese produced version of Super Frelon SA321)  naval helicopter to directly airlift the patients from war zone to the ship. 

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