Upgraded Ex-Varyag aircraft carrier which was purchased from the Ukrainian shipyard unfinished state US$20 million in March 2002. It reached at the Chinese Dalian Shipyard where it was refurbished with new equipment and weapon systems. Unconfirmed reports suggest that it was renamed  Liaoning CV16.

Aerial complement of the Chinese Liaoning CV16 (Ex-Varyag) aircraft carrier will consist of Ka-31 AEW & Z-8 AEW helicopter and Shenyang J-15 Flying Shark which is a Chinese development of their J-11B fighter jet. The J-15 Flying Shark uses has folding wings, shortened tail to maximise the number of aircraft which can be carried by the aircraft carrier.
Chinese Liaoning CV16 (Ex-Varyag) Aircraft Carrier's was fitted with the 4 Active Electronically Scanned Array(AESA) radar panels similar to those installed on the Chinese Type-052C Luyang-II class destroyers.
Chinese Liaoning CV16 (Ex-Varyag) Aircraft Carrier has been outfitted with the Type 1030 CIWS, and the FL-3000N missile system for self-defence purposes.

Shenyang J-15 Flying Shark Carrier Based Fighter Jet

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