The HongQi 7 (HQ-7) has been developed by China Academy of Defence Technology in the late 1980s and its improved variant HQ-7/FM-90 was introduced in 1998. Latest version of the HQ-7B/FM-90 uses indigenously developed 6 x 6 light armoured personnel carrier chassis.

FM-90 acquisition radar uses mechanically steered S-band 3D Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA)  antenna. It can detect 48 target and track 24 of them.

The Hong Qi 7 missile uses a solid rocket motor which gives missile a maximum speed of Mach 2.3 and a range of 12km. 

FM-90 Specifications (CNPMIEC)

Effective Range

Target 600 m/s: 700 - 7,000 m

Cruise Missile Target 300 m/s: 700 - 11,000 m

Aircraft Target: 12,000 m

Radar System

Maximum Detection Range RCS=0.1 m2:   20 km
Maximum Tracking Range RCS=0.1 m2:    18 km

Missile Maximum load Factor: 35 G

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