China has displayed LS-6 Satellite / inertial navigation system (INS) guided bombs also known as LS-6 Thunder Stone Precision Guided Bombs

Chinese LS-6 series of standoff guided bombs are available in 500 kg, 250 kg, 100 kg and 50 kg versions. 50kg and 100 versions of the LS-6 are also considered to be Chinese equivalent of the American GBU-39/B Small Diameter Bomb (SDB). 

Both the 100 kg and 50 kg versions of LS-6 are equipped with a electro-optical seekers for terminal guidance while semi-active homing laser seeker is also an option offered by the manufacturer.

250 kg and 500 kg versions of the LS-6 are Chinese equivalent of the American Joint Direct Attack Munition Extended Range (JDAM-ER). 

500kg and 250kg versions can also be equipped with  bombs electro-optical seekers or semi-active homing laser seeker for terminal guidance to improve the accuracy at customer's request.

LS-6 series of standoff precision guided bomb with wing kit installed has a standoff range of 60 km against the ground targets.

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