Computer-generated imagery (CGI) of the Chinese Liaoning CV16 (Ex-Varyag) Aircraft Carrier with J-15 Flying Shark Naval fighter jet. The J-15 Flying Shark is naval version of the J-11B fighter jet with folding wings, shortened tail to maximize the number of aircraft which can be carried by the aircraft carrier

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Anonymous said... June 3, 2012 at 6:33 AM

The fact that China will soon put an aircraft carrier task force to sea. Should change a lot of military thinking in Asia. First the United States needs to drop the former mind set of takeing on the brunt of confronting China. The US needs viable military partners and allies. The US should provide Harrier Jets to Thailand so that south east asia would have a permanant operational aircraft carrier to bolster ASEAN forces.

Thailand should drop the helicopter carrier mentality and strive to put a Harrier squadron back in operation and should negotiate with Korea for two Type 209 Submarines. S. Korea should offer these subs at a low price to bolster allied navy capabilities.
Japan, Korea and Austrailia should include a squadron of F35 B STOVL Jets which could operate from their large helicopter carrier ships and provide aircover for their fleets. Last, it is time for ASEAN to include military cooperation in their treaty and time for Korea and Japan to begin joint navy operations.