The Chinese Defense Ministry has rejected the reports that it will soon build its first military base in the Indian Ocean. The Chinese officials has said that People's Liberation Army Navy ( PLA Navy) is only interested in supplies or recuperate in the Seychelles to support its anti-piracy escort missions .
Chinese presence at the facilities in Seychelles will be availed just like PLA Navy is doing in ports in Djibouti, Oman and Yemen to support the long range anti-piracy operations.
“It is international practice for naval fleets to resupply at the closest port of a nearby state during long-distance missions.” 
Earlier, Foreign Minister of Seychelles, Jean-Paul Adam has said, "We have invited the Chinese government to set up a military presence on Mahe to fight the pirate attacks that the Seychelles face on a regular basis." 
Chinese experts has said that Indian media is exaggerating the fear as China have no military base overseas. However, many international analysts believe that People's Liberation Army is already reviewing its this policy and may set up its military bases in other countries to protect its international interests in within next decade.

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