Hongdu Aviation Industry Corporation (HAIG) has ordered 250 AI-222-25F turbofans jet engines from the Ukraine to power its L-15 Supersonic Lead-In Fighter Trainer (LIFT). The AI-222-25F features afterburner which was first tested on the L-15 LIFT in October last year.

The AI-222-25F turbofan engine provides 9,250 lbf (4,200 kg) of thrust in full afterburner mood which allows the L-15 Supersonic Lead-In Fighter Trainer (LIFT) to accelerate to Mach 1.4.

Progress general designer Igor Kravchenko has said that Ukraine is also trying to develop a new turbofan engine which can produce thrust up to 22,000 lbf (98 kN) to compete with the Russian Klimov RD-93 for the Pakistan air force's JF-17 Thunder fighter jets.

The basic  AI-222-25 high thrust-to-weight ratio turbofan engine is powering the Russian subsonic lead-in fighter trainer (LIFT) Yakovlev Yak-130 Mitten.

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