China has developed the four-engine turboprop Y-8 GX6 Maritime Patrol and Anti-submarine warfare aircraft for the Peoples Liberation Army Navy. The forward fuselage the Y-8 GX6 MPA/AsW aircraft is outfitted with a bulged radome for a multi-mission surface search radar and a Electro-Optical (EO)/Infrared (IR) sensors turret just ahead of the internal weapons bay. The Chinese MPA also has at-least one internal weapons bays just  forward of the wings to carry sonobuoys and  weapons like depth-charges, mines, torpedoes and anti-ship missiles.
The long-range Y-8 GX6 maritime patrol and anti-submarine aircraft can easily distinguished from other version of the Y-8 F600 by it distinct fibreglass tail which is also known as magnetic anomaly detector (MAD)  boom, used for the magnetic detection of the enemy submarines.

The Y-8 GX6 aircraft is based the latest Chinese Y-8F600 which is a “Category-III Platform”. New Images of Y-8 GX6 Maritime Patrol and Anti-submarine Warfare Aircraft

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