Pterodactyl  Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance Combat Aerial Vehicle has been developed by the Chengdu Aircraft Design & Research Institute.Pterodactyl armed drone can stay in air for over 20 hours and has maximum operational celling of 5,000 meters. Pterodactyl  armed drone has range of over 4,000 km. Its maximum speed is 280 kilometers per hour.

Pterodactyl  drone can carry maximum payload of 200 kg out of which its Forward looking infrared (FLIR) and other sensor weight around 100 kg which allows it to carry one KD-10 (K/AKD10 or HJ-10) under its each wing.

Pterodactyl Long-Endurance Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) has already been flight tested and undergone weapons launching trails.
Ground Control station (GCS) of the Chinese Pterodactyl Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle.
Pterodactyl drone can carry upto two AKD-10 is a third-generation Chinese air-to-surface anti-tank missile. AKD-10 is Chinese equivalent of the American AGM-114 Hellfire which also features a semi-active laser seeker. In future AKD-10 will be available with different types of seekers including TV, Imaging IR (ImIR), semi-active laser homing or millimeter wave (MMW) radar.

Pterodactyl  Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance Combat Aerial Vehicle model displayed by the China at an airshow. Pterodactyl  drone is 9.05 m long, 2.77 m high and have 14 m wingspan. Its Maximum Takeoff weight is 1,100 kg.
The Chengdu  Pterodactyl armed unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) will  be primarily used by the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) and Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) for reconnaissance, forward observation and light attack roles.

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Anonymous said... February 26, 2012 at 12:38 PM

ha! Another rip off of a western weapon!

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It still takes sometime before the US realise that it is not the only country that monopolise good ideas. The US arrogance is making it more and and more like a clown.

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next project... a recon tank called Ankylosaurus