People's Liberation Army Air Force's J-10 Vigorous Dragon equipped with 4x SD-10/PL-12 Beyond Visual Range Air to Air Missile (BVRAAM) on twin-rail missile launch pylon.

The PL-12 (Export Name is SD-10) is a radar-guided Beyond Visual Range Air to Air Missile (BVRAAM) used by the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) and Pakistan Air Force.

PL-12 /SD-10 BVRAAM has an operational ceiling of 21000m, with a maximum effective range of 70-100 km.

PL-12/SD-10 BVRAAM uses active radar guidance in the terminal phase by using its own active seeker.

PL-12 BVRAAM also has the capability of 'home-on-jam' mode which allows the missile to passively track and engage an emitting target much like anti-radiation missiles.

China is already developing improved PL-12C BVRAAM with foldable tailfins for internal carriage on 5th-generation J-20 stealth fighter jets.

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