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Anonymous said... January 5, 2013 at 10:06 AM

The West likes to worry about North Korea but in reality it is China who fears a stronger North Korea. North Korea should develop it's crude nuclear deterent to include . Short range missiles mounted in water proof containers on the deck of Romeo Class Submarines. Medium range missiles carried in the hold of specially modified cargo ships. Long range missiles that are land based and ready to fuel and move to launchers on short notice. And short range tactical missiles mounted on trucks. These missiles could be fitted on short notice with small tactical nuclear warheads of a size already tested twice by N. Korea. Also a couple of larger free fall bombs could be developed to be carried by modified Beagle H28 Bombers. This would give N. Korea a small but real nuclear deterent.

Anonymous said... January 6, 2013 at 11:36 AM

A few comments on the previous post. If North Korea succeeds in putting missiles on the decks of submarines. Then they should also convert a Romeo submarine to be a re fueling submarine like the German Milsh Cow submarines of WW2. Then the missile submarines could travel a long distance from N. Korea. If missiles are put on Cargo Ships then these ships should heve a helicopter landing pad on the stern so that nuclear war heads could be delivered quickly from their storage bunkers. And a cargo ship should be modified as a floating anti aircraft missile battery by putting a long range missile launcher ( borrowed from the air force or army ) in the middle of the ship , a medium range missile launcher on the stern and a short range missile launcher on the bow. This modified anti aircraft ship could escort and protect the missile carrying ships.

Anonymous said... January 13, 2013 at 6:32 AM

Agree that North Korea should develop tactical short range nuclear missile to be mounted on truck or trailer. Not for southern border where there is not really invasion threat. Tactical missiles should be deploy on northern border to deter Chinese invasion future threat.

Anonymous said... January 30, 2013 at 4:49 PM

Despite Un and his postering anti US diatribes. North Korea is an ant against the US Elephant and does not pose a threat to the US. Obama does right to ignore him. N. Korea is a problem for China , Japan and South Korea to deal with. If Un wants to play Nuke games then China should cut off their aid. Japan should threaten to go for their own nuke program and South Korea should ask the US to base a dozen nuclear tipped cruise missiles in S. Korea under joint US and Korean command. I think Un would cave in quickly under these combined threats.

Anonymous said... March 30, 2013 at 7:50 AM

North Korea has upped the threats and rhetoric to the point where the US and South Korea need to put him back in the box. Send 12 Cruise missiles with nuclear warheads to South Korea right now.
Target two of them at Pyongyang, four of them at the massed artillery and infantry just north of the DMZ,three of them at the Norths nuclear facilities and the remaining three at the Norths three largest cities after Pyongyang. Then publish the targets on the internet. Warn Kim that everytime he threatens to attack , these nuke missiles will go on a hair trigger high alert status. Then if this idiot still wants war, then use the missiles aimed at the border forces and end this thing once and for all.

Anonymous said... March 30, 2013 at 4:05 PM

I like the idea of tactical nuke cruise missiles deployed to S. Korea. Especially ones aimed at the North Korean massed artillery and infantry on the border. During the cold war we made it clear with the deployment of tactical short range nuclear missiles, that a Soviet Invasion of Western Europe would be stopped at any cost to include nuclear weapons. We need to send this same message to North Korea. Back off or face annialation. The only advantage North Korea has is it's huge infantry and artillery. The US needs to make it crystal clear that this advantage will be vaporized in the first fifteen minutes of any war provoked by the North. Deploy the missiles now !

Anonymous said... March 31, 2013 at 7:03 AM

Yes cruise missiles with tactical nuclear warheads should be deployed to South Korea immediatly for several reasons. To ensure that hundreds of thousands of innocent Korean citizens are not slaughtered in an invasion from the North it must be clear that an invasion force 'Will'be wiped out if an invasion occurs. The deployement of nuclear missiles will show Un that his war threats are not productive. Also the deployment of nuclear cruise missiles will ensure that North Korea does not engage in a dangerous military provocation to distract America away from Iran.

Anonymous said... March 31, 2013 at 7:57 AM

America could also protect South Korea by cutting the binding military politics that hold Korea back from self protection. Korea can build and wants to build long range cruise missiles with heavy conventional warheads. These missiles would be based in the relative safty of the southern tip of the Korean penisula or a southern island from where they could reach Pyongyang and destroy fortified targets. America should not hold Korea back and in fact should endorse this program.

Anonymous said... April 6, 2013 at 6:52 AM

Ok , My Daughter asked. What would President Mikey do? If the President actually could do these things ( He can not ) , and I was President …hmm.
1. Iran – War with Iran will be a terrible thing for the entire world. It will quite possibly destroy the world’s economy. Yet we cannot accept a Nuke armed Iran. So I would use the sanctions as Obama is doing for as long as possible. Behind the scenes I would be building a coalition of Nations that do not want a Nuclear Iran. Europe and the Sunni Arab Nations have more to fear than we do from a Nuclear Iran. I would insist that they participate in the coming attack on Iran and that they pay for the cost. Israel would be asked to sit this out. A Jewish vs. Muslim war will bring about WW3 and this is not a good thing. When I spoke of Israel 100+ Nukes it was in the context of their being secure from an invasion, not in the context of their using Nukes against Iranian facilities. No nuclear war please!
2. Israel – The Jews and Arabs do not really want peace bad enough to make compromises therefore as President I would not waste my time with it. The Anti Christ will bring Middle East peace in due course. GOD says it and I believe it.
3. Entitlements- Reform welfare . Those who truly need it will get it. I do not want to live in a third world country where crowds of starving beggars follow me down the street. Those who milk the system need to be weeded off. Unemployment payments would last a year and a half.
4. Social Security- Would be for elderly retired people. Not for fat forty year olds with high blood pressure.
5. Medicare- Would pay for Medical procedures not health club memberships.
6. Military- After every war there is a ‘peace dividend’ where the military can be cut to peace time levels. There is no more Eastern Soviet bloc. China is a long way from here and can only invade Russia, India, Pakistan, Myanmar and North Korea. That’s their problem. So the Navy Aircraft Carrier groups get cut back to eight ( no other country has more than one and most of them are allies with us ). The Airforce cuts 100 F35A Jets from their future orders and replaces them with F15 Silent Eagles at half the price. Marines are left alone since they are always under budgeted already. Army will cut 100,000 Soldiers through attrition (nobody gets kicked out).
7. Taxes- No income tax. Income tax will be replaced by a consumption tax. Corporate taxes will be lowered to no more than is paid in the Countries we compete with but the loop holes and tax haven will be done away with.
8. Corporations- They get Billions of dollars of our tax money from the government every year. This money would be used to entice these Corporations to invest in America. You want tax dollars? Build a plant in America!
9. Politics- Every candidate gets to spend an equal amount of money to campaign and contributions are limited to a certain amount. This equals the playing field ( even we could be President ) and keeps Corporations from literally owning our Congress.
10. National Debt.- Boehner and Bama actually came up with a workable compromise that was one half spending cuts and one half revenue and allowed to a long term paying down of our debts. The Left and Right wing radical in our useless worthless Congress rejected this plan. President Mikey would take this plan to Congress along with a baseball bat to help explain it to them.
11. North Korea – Move Nuclear armed cruise missiles to South Korea and point them at Kim Jong Un’s house ( like Reagan did with Russia ). Then announce that every time the North issues a threat. These Nuke missiles will go on a very dangerous hair trigger alert. I believe Un would become very docile.

Anonymous said... April 14, 2013 at 7:28 PM

President Mikey you better figure out how to keep the Straight of Hormuz open before you attack Iran.
Also better speed up delivery of F16 Jets to Iraq so they can defend their airspace against Iranian jets. Should also send surplus western tanks to Afghan Army in Herat on Iran border. Iran may attack Afghanistan and Iraq in retaliation.