Sino Avenger, YunYing also known as Cloud Shadow Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle will make debut at Zhuhai Airshow 2016.

Cloud Shadow Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle will be displayed with variety of air to surface missiles. One of most interesting missile on display is YJ-9E Anti Ship Missile. As of now, it seems that UCAV will be carrying weapons externally on hard points under-wings.

Stealthier Cloud Shadow Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle is equipped with turbofan engine just like its american counterpart General Atomic Avenger. This will allow Cloud Shadow to fly faster, higher and carry more payload thus making it more survivable.

Chinese Pterodactyl series of UAVs have already started penetrating into Middle Easten markets to  support of counterterrorism and counterinsurgency missions and YunYing / Cloud Shadow will allow customers to acquire a faster, more capable cousin to the Pterodactyl.

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