First images of Chinese TA600 / AG600 Multipurpose Amphibious Aircraft is all set to makes its official debut at Zhuhai Airshow 2016.  The AG600 amphibious aircraft is being developed by Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). Powered by four WJ-6 turboprop engines it will have max range of 5000 km, endurance of up to 12 hours and max takeoff weight of 53.5t.

The AG600 multipurpose amphibious aircraft is capable of taking off and land from both water and ground. This features will allow it to resupply to remote disputed islands in the South China Sea.

Primary role of AG600 will be transport and seaborne search & rescue. It will be able to carry up to 50 people at a time. Modified versions of aircraft can also be used for additional roles like firefighting, anti-submarine warfare, reconnaissance.