People's Liberation Army Navy Type 054 Jiangkai-I Frigate.
Type 054 Jiangkai I class frigates became operational with the People's Liberation Army Navy in the mid-2000s.

Two frigates of the Type 054 Jiangkai I class 525 Ma'anshan, and 526 Wenzhou were produced before production lines switched to an improved version with HHQ-16A anti aircraft missiles.
Type 054 was designed with stealth in mind therefore once can see the hull design with sloped surfaces, radar absorbent materials to reduce the RCS of the warship.
Type 054 Jiangkai-I Frigates carry eight YJ-83 sea-skimming anti-ship cruise missiles to destroy the enemy  ships
Type 054 Jiangkai I class frigates 525 Ma'anshan, and 526 Wenzhou are also being used in anti-piracy patrol off Somalia by the  People's Liberation Army Navy 

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